Bathroom Showroom

View the range of Kinetic LifeStyles products that can help you around the bathroom.

The selection of products are not only stylish but practical.

Urinal with Lid - male


The Aidapt Male Urinal is ideal for use in the bedroom where users struggle to get to the bathroom.

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Bed Pan with Lid


Robust, plastic bedpan features a fitted lid and integrated handle for easy transporting and cleaning.

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Shower Stool with Rotating Seat


This versatile, multi-purpose stool can be used in a whole host of different settings around the home.

With a comfortable rotating seat top making it ideal for those who need assistance when turning from side to side when seated.

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Bottom Wiper


This discreet and effective bottom wiper helps to maintain personal hygiene for those who find it difficult reaching, offering greater independence and cleanliness. 

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Small Bath Mat


AquaSense Bathmat is a contoured slip resistant mat constructed of antimicrobial rubber that prevents mildew and bacteria forming on the surface.

The upper surface is textured for slip resistance and the lower surface has suction cups to adhere to the surface of the bath.

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Foot Cleaner with Pumice


The Foot Cleaner with Pumice is ideal for people who have limited mobility, enabling users to easily clean their feet without bending. 

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ArmRx Arm Glove 30 Pack Dispen


ArmRx Arm Gloves provide water and moisture protection from many everyday conditions. They provide effective protection for surgical dressings, bandaged wounds, plaster casts, intravenous sites, PICC lines and many different skin conditions and lacerations during washing, bathing or showering.

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Broadstairs Adjustable Toilet Surround


The Broadstairs Adjustable Toilet Surround is for assisting users getting on and off the toilet without having to install wall rails.

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Essex Bedside Commode Beige


The Essex Commode Chair is a height adjustable, practical commode chair suitable for use as a bedroom commode or bathroom commode.

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Wooden Washbasin


CV Kayu Manis Wooden Washbasin

Material: Teak

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