About Kinetic LifeStyles

Kinetic LifeStyles was founded by Jodie Lindores in 2018 after spending time in hospital due to ankle surgery.

Jodie found the products available to help in her recovery were colourless and boring. Common items like walking sticks and wheelchairs were either all grey or beige with nothing fashionable on offer.

After talking with a number of people in hospital and within the care industry it became apparent that what was provided for people recovering from surgery or with a life-long disability was limited, so Jodie set about to change the industry.

With the aim to bring more colour and choice into the lives of people who need specialised equipment and furniture, Kinetic LifeStyles was born and has assembled a wide range of products from the best manufacturers around the world.

From walking aids to match your outfit through to 4WD mobility scooters to really enjoy the great outdoors, Kinetic LifeStyles helps you live a more normal life on your terms.

You can view our products on our website or call in to our showroom, a space where people of all ages with all types of disabilities can come to get ideas and new ways to live.

After all, having a challenging life shouldn't be a challenge in itself.