Living and Dining Showroom

Browse through the Living and Dining Showroom with Kinetic LifeStyles to see how you can make your living practical and an enjoyable space to be in.

Wooden Bowl With Copper


O'Matilda Wooden Bowl with Copper

Materials: Teak Root, Natural with Copper

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Utensil Strap


This Utensil and Cutlery Strap assists users who have limited dexterity, allowing them to securely hold utensils whilst eating.

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Suno Island, White


O'Matilda Suno Island Bench, White

Material: Mahogany + MDF + Mindi

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Capsule Copper Vase Medium


Capsule Copper Vase Medium by Seken

Made from copper materials

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Tong Tong Cow Bell Decoration Medium


Tong Tong Cow Bell Medium Decoration made by Seken

Made in Indonesia

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Dinner Spoon- Curved


This curved dinner spoon is ideal for people with restricted wrist, hand or finger movement and helps people independently feed themselves.

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Bali Folding Chair


Bali Folding Chair

Material: Premium Teak

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Swivel Seat Cushion


The Revolving Swivel Cushion is a lightweight, portable transfer aid that provides smooth and easy 360 degree rotation in any direction.

This can assist the carer to transfer a patient safely from a chair to bed, into and out of the car, etc, and helps avoid back strain.

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Bandana- Grey Arrow


The Bandanas are a great fashion accessory, and are now available in a large range of delightful patterns, offering a practical but stylish solution to keeping dry and clean. Easy to secure, they have the benefit of an absorbent inner and waterproof backing so you can be confident of the level of protection while also giving complete discretion to the wearer.

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Drinking Cup


The Garcia drinking cup is an ideal solution for those with mobility, swallowing concerns or those who cannot tip their heads back as it makes it easy to use.

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