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Foot Cleaner with Pumice


The Foot Cleaner with Pumice is ideal for people who have limited mobility, enabling users to easily clean their feet without bending. 

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Pedal Exerciser


Ideal for exercising at home or in the office the Pedal Exerciser provides upper and lower body exercise from a seated position. Helps the user build strength, flexibility and fitness, and with its compact design its easy to store anywhere.

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Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display


The Pedal Exerciser is the ideal exercise for people with limited mobility to use at home or even in the office. It's low impact, easy on the joints and the resistance from the pedals can be increased or decreased to suit your fitness level.

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Female Portable Urinal with Lid


The Female Portable Urinal is a convenient, portable urinal designed specifically for female use. It is the ideal bathroom aid for users who are confined to bed and struggle to get to the bathroom. Available with removable lid to guard against any unwanted spills.

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Two Handled Ceramic Mug


The Two Handled Ceramic Mug is designed to provide a more secure grip for those with limited hand strength, dexterity or limited fine motor skills.

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Bed Pan with Lid


Robust, plastic bedpan features a fitted lid and integrated handle for easy transporting and cleaning.

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656 Total Results. Showing 13 to 18